About GIA

GIA is a brand with a rich pot of heritage and many heart-warming stories to recount of family and enduring legacy which has been endearing to her designs.  A unique sense of her craftsmanship, imagination and inspiration are aimed at the discerning and fashion-forward woman.

Gloria Ijeuru Anyaehie-Coker

Gloria with three university degrees started her journey in fashion as a six year old, learning from her late mother Mrs Beatrice Anyaehie who made clothes for the famous Kingsway stores in Port Harcourt.  The young Ijeuru was often playing with scraps of fabric and making clothes for her dolls with needle and thread. By the age of nine Ijeuru started on the industrial machine just to satisfy her curiosity. Her motivation was solely to create, engineer and construct her own textiles.

GIA has made a trademark of her unique essence which has become know around the world.  She visualises the woman has strong, she likes herself and knows she is liked.  She is a cross cultural woman who has travelled the world but still remains rooted.

GIA does not stop learning. Knowledge is the key to her styling, craftsmanship and textile engineering.  All GIA's creations encompass embellishment of the textile with engineering construction techniques either by embroidery or the deconstruction of individual fabrics that have been acquired during her travels.  They hold sentimental attachment to the brand!